01 Jan 2019
author: João


5am at the airport

Father: Watch out for your mobile data while you're in Poland. I don't know what happened, but yesterday I got a notification that my monthly allowance was almost done, I think some app must be draining my data.

Me: Oh, no worries, I have some safeguards in place to avoid that.

Father (paraphrased): wat

Me: Well, I use two apps to help manage my mobile data usage. One is Netguard but the one I think might be able to help you find the culprit in your mobile data theft case is GlassWire.

Father (paraphrased): Sounds amazing. If only there was a post written about this neat application for the Android™ operating system.

Me: Funny you should say that.

What does it do?

GlassWire is a free, with extra features unlockable via subscription or a one-time paymentfreemium  app that lets you look at your data usage - both Wi-Fi and mobile - in detail. This means, among other things, that you get insights on the amount of upload and download data each app on your phone is using up, and a way to visualize it realtime through a nice chart, as well as the ability to go through your past usage.


While Android already provides a way to view your mobile data usage, it's quite rudimentary. Here are some features exclusive to GlassWire: